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February 23, 2022|Resources

Advertisement for Hoopla Binge pass

Introducing BingePass! It's a brand-new way to explore great online content and a lot of it! Get unlimited streaming for 7 days with a single borrow. With hoopla BingePass you can choose to have access to hoopla Magazines, The Great Courses, or Curiosity Stream. With hoopla Magazines, you can access current issues of 50 popular and in-demand magazine titles. Included in The Great Courses you can have access to many different topics such as Science, history, wellness, and travel no matter your interest. You can Watch an entire course, or multiple courses using just one hoopla borrow. With Curiosity Stream, you can watch high-quality and engaging documentaries and nonfiction series. To get started using hoopla BingePass to explore great online content just update your hoopla app and tap "More" in the bottom navigation to view hoopla BingePass.

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