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April 8, 2019

Photo of Wanda L. (Mitchell) Busen 1929-2016 of Mt. Sterling.

Imagine an individual so inspiring that her family is moved to leave a memorial that not only honors her passion but at the same time becomes a universal historical gift for generations to come.

Now picture an individual very humble, quiet, hard-working, compassionate, and a passionate historian who never drew attention to herself. This is Wanda L. (Mitchell) Busen 1929-2016 of Mt. Sterling.

The children of Wanda L. Busen have memorialized their mother’s fondness of reading, commitment to the library, love of history, genealogy, and archival research by transforming the Brown County Public Library District’s microfilm archives collection of the Illinois Weekly Message, Brown County Republican, Brown County Democrat, Democrat-Message and the Brown County Democrat-Message to a searchable digital archive.

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